Friday, March 31, 2006

NASDAQ Chart of the Day

FEIC has formed a clear consolidation after selling off sharply from highs. The range spans from 19.55 to 21.10. Watch this range for a big breakout...Daily Trading Signals

Daily Market Commentary

Back to Lows - Dow reverses from highs, sells off to lower boundary of sloping range ...

Updated Thursday, 3/30 for Friday's market

Key DOW Levels for 3/31


Above 11,300


Below 11,100



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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Trading Strategies

A Buy Setup with multiple Bottoming Tails, in the Buy Zone, is a powerful combination suggesting a tradable bounce over the +COG (Change Of Guard)...Click For More

Daily Market Commentary

Steady Reversal - Dow reverses from lows, pushes steadily higher throughout session ...

Updated Wednesday, 3/29 for Thursday's market.

Key DOW Levels for 3/30


Above 11,300


Below 11,100

Chart of the Week

Stochastic Reversal

Larry Swing - Mar 30, 2006 - AAPL shareholders have had a rough couple of months. The stock is now done more than 25% from January highs... Read More


Trading Gaps

The concept of gaps is a very difficult one for most traders, even those with considerable experience. They are a strategy all by themselves, and are part of many other strategies. This sudden move by a stock, the sudden change in demand, is often the beginning of a major move. They are swing trading strategies that capitalize on entering after a gap, and guerrilla tactics that capitalize on one or two day moves after a gap.

Trading gaps Part 2

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


OIH - Poised to Break a Solid Resistance Line
Dan Zanger - Mar 28, 2006 - This stock has certainly had its share of sloppy action, but keeps bouncing back and is now poised to break a solid resistance line at the $145 area. A break of this line on good volume woold be a good buy point. Read More

NASDAQ Chart of the Day

QLGC is getting an early downside break from a large saucer top consolidation. The support level of the saucer is getting an early violation at 19.15, which could lead to a steady decline back toward 16.00. Look for follow-through from this pattern.

Daily Trading Signals

Daily Market Commentary

Downside Break - The Dow breaks triangle to downside, drops to the Close ...
Key DOW Levels for 3/29
UP Above 11,300
DN Below 11,100

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Daily Market Commentary

In the Range.. - The Dow continues to hold within the large triangle range ...

NASDAQ Chart of the Day

ADBL has formed a larger triangle consolidation at the lows. Look for continued development of this range, but for a breakout to be big.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Daily Stock Picks

Signals of March 24th:

PVTM - 1 day Big Move


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Oversold Stocks


More... Stock Picks Page #1

Daily Market Commentary

Large Triangle - The Dow continues wind-up within large triangle consolidation ...

NASDAQ Chart of the Day

ARXX is winding up within the boundaries of a clear triangle consolidation. A breakout in either direction will likely make for key movement. Watch 13.20 up, and 12.40 down.

Daily Trading Signals

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