Monday, January 28, 2008

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The Weekly Report for January 28th - February 1st - Will The Rate Cut Help?

The major indexes are all trading below the resistance of their respective long-term moving averages. The market participants were not overly impressed with President Bush's $140 billion economic stimulus package and it will continue to be interesting to see if this plan will help give the economy the jump-start it needs to shrug off the weakness...

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Trading Education Tutorial
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Support and Resistance Levels

History Tells Us When Securites are Overbought or Oversold

Support indicates a level on the chart where we can expect an increase in the demand for a security (buyers take over). How do we know this? By identifying this reaction to this price level in the chart's history.


Daily Stock Picks

Bottoming -

January 25 for January 28:

Stocks making a 52 WK low but closing higher than they opened)

Oversold Stocks

January 25 for January 28:

(Stocks closing higher than they opened, crossing up through their 25 Stochastic level, and on 150% + greater than average 6 month volume)

Volume Pop

January 25 for January 28:

(Volume Pop With High ADX & RSI)

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Technical Indicators

Accumulation/Distribution Line

The Accumulation/Distribution Line was developed by Marc Chaikin to assess the cumulative flow of money into and out of a security. He decided to focus on the price action for a given period (day, week, month) and derived a formula to calculate a value based on the location of the close, relative to the range for the period. This is the "Close Location Value" or CLV. The CLV ranges from plus one to minus one with the center point at zero.

The signals for the Accumulation/Distribution Line are fairly straightforward and involve divergence or confirmation. A bullish signal is given when the Accumulation/Distribution Line forms a positive divergence. Be wary of weak positive divergences that fail to make higher reaction highs. A two-week positive divergence should be suspect. However, a multi-month positive divergence deserves serious attention...


Daily Market Commentary
Courtesy of Nirvana Systems

Updated Friday, 1/25 for Monday's market.

Key DOW Levels for 1/28





Dow gives back gains...

- The Dow opened the day up slightly, before trending lower throughout the day. The index fell through support at 12,250 and repeated attempts to retake this level failed, as seen in the 15 Minute Chart. The Dow closed the day at 12,203, near intraday lows.

- The NASDAQ and S&P both lost ground. Watch for the Dow to lead these indices in the week ahead, as traders look to the Dow for direction.


The Dow closed the day down as traders tried to decide whether this weeks huge reversal has legs.


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