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Pattern Cycles: Trends

The cult of Elliott Wave Theory intimidates the most experienced traders. But don't let wave voodoo stop you from adding important elements to your chart analysis. Strong trends routinely print orderly action-reaction waves. EWT uncovers these predictive patterns through their repeating count of 3 primary waves and 2 countertrend ones.

Wave impulses correspond with the crowd's emotional participation. A surging 1st Wave represents the fresh enthusiasm of an initial breakout. The new crowd then hesitates and prices drop into a countertrend 2nd Wave. This coils the action for the sudden eruption of a runaway 3rd Wave. Then after another pullback, the manic crowd exhausts itself in a final 5th Wave blowoff.

Traders can capitalize on trend waves with very little knowledge of the underlying theory. Just look for the 5-wave trend structure in all time frames. Locate smaller waves embedded in larger ones and place trades at points where two or more time frames intersect. These cross-verification zones capture major trend, reversal and breakout points


Trading Education Tutorial
Courtesy of Nirvana Systems


Well Behaved Stocks Reap Rewards

Some stocks move multiple points and multiple directions in one trading session. Other stocks are more methodical in their day-to-day movement. Which type of stock is more attractive to you as an investor?.


NASDAQ Chart of the Day
Courtesy of Nirvana Systems

FAST is winding up within a clear triangle pattern that could offer a big breakout opportunity soon. Watch 37.50 and 44.00 for signs of a breakout, which could spark a move of about 13.00 points.

Daily Trading Signals

NYSE Chart of the Day
Courtesy of Nirvana Systems

WFR is breaking out of a clear triangle pattern at 80.00, which indicates more strength ahead. This pattern forecasts a target of about 115.00, but watch 85.00 for more signs of confirmation.

Daily Trading Signals

Daily Market Commentary
Courtesy of Nirvana Systems

Updated Friday, 3/14 for Monday's market.

Key DOW Levels for 3/17


Above 12,300


Below 11,850

Defining a range...

- The Dow finishes week with another down session. Afternoon weakness though finally carried the index through this level, before bouncing at the 11,850 level identified yesterday.Going into the close, a potential end of session rally was quickly dissipated by another round of selling pressure, as the Dow to finished down almost 200 points

- The NASDAQ and S&P continue to build out a wide range bound pattern, as the bulls and bears escalate their fight for dominance.


The Dow ended the day down and continues to build out a range while looking for direction. Watch the boundaries of this pattern, as a breakout could spark big movement ahead.


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