Monday, March 17, 2008

Pattern Cycles: Trends

The cult of Elliott Wave Theory intimidates the most experienced traders. But don't let wave voodoo stop you from adding important elements to your chart analysis. Strong trends routinely print orderly action-reaction waves. EWT uncovers these predictive patterns through their repeating count of 3 primary waves and 2 countertrend ones.

Wave impulses correspond with the crowd's emotional participation. A surging 1st Wave represents the fresh enthusiasm of an initial breakout. The new crowd then hesitates and prices drop into a countertrend 2nd Wave. This coils the action for the sudden eruption of a runaway 3rd Wave. Then after another pullback, the manic crowd exhausts itself in a final 5th Wave blowoff.

Traders can capitalize on trend waves with very little knowledge of the underlying theory. Just look for the 5-wave trend structure in all time frames. Locate smaller waves embedded in larger ones and place trades at points where two or more time frames intersect. These cross-verification zones capture major trend, reversal and breakout points


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